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Hi, I’m Immaculate Ruemu, welcome to my food and lifestyle blog. This is where I express my love for food and its art.

About me:

When I was nine years old I developed a love for baking, so I started baking cakes for friends and family.  I got the opportunity to bake for school events and church occasions. When I turned thirteen, I sold my first batch of cupcakes in a corner store right next to my house in Nigeria. When I moved to London, I had more freedom and resources to practice my baking and I learnt the art of cake decorating. Just like my nine years old self in Nigeria, I began baking cakes for my friends in London.

I studied at the Chef Academy of London, where I learnt a lot about the Italian Cuisine. Now I spend a lot of time practicing and preparing dishes for small events and gatherings.

I have since then, also traveled to my hometown in Warri, Nigeria. There I acquired more knowledge of our diverse traditional cuisines. Learning about other cultures within the country has opened my eyes to great possibilities and has giving me a creative insight into cooking. Along the way I have developed the confidence to try new things and offer my services where it is needed.

The birth of my passion:

I watched my mum spend most of her time outside of her profession cooking and I have always admired her passion. Everyday after work she took I and my brother from school and on our way home we would stop by the market, I watched how she communicated with the sellers, she always got the freshest fruits and vegetables at the best prices. She even knew the best butchers to go to.

At home my mum would spend the next few hours cooking but not before she gave us lunch, which she had prepared earlier. I could say “I don’t know how she does it“, but I do; She does it with Love. Just like everything else she did, Love is the main force behind it; I could see it in her eyes.

That same love drove me to prepare my first meal and on few occasions I almost burnt down the kitchen. It sounds like a joke, but truly I just wanted to cook like my mother.

My best days are the ones I spend cooking and baking. Growing up in Nigeria, my passion for cake lead me to bake for my friends, family, teachers and basically any and/or everyone. My effort and passion drew more people to me which led to somewhat of a high demand, so I started baking more cakes to sell at my local shops. I remember the excitement and fulfillment in my heart when I sold my first box of cupcakes;  I was thirteen and baking cakes was all I wanted to do.

My mum was the one who also gave me the fundamentals of baking; she would always tell the stories about how she and my aunties supported my grandparents by baking and selling cakes and other pastries. This helped them to pay their way through school and live a comfortable lifestyle. I have and will always admire my mum’s tenacity and passion.

A digest to it all:

One of the best ways to bring joy to someone is to offer a home cooked meal. That joy is also what I feel when making a delicious meal, with the hopes of satisfaction when served. It is a wonderful feeling that everyone deserves to experience, that was my inspiration for creating this blog

I like to think there’s a power of life that goes into cooking, serving and sharing a meal. It’s the joy of picking out your groceries, the dreamy moment when you lay it all down on your kitchen table and it’s when you envision the beauty that is the outcome. Sizzling and Simmering dishes laid out ready to eat, drawing people in with smiles on their faces. Laying their worries aside, digging in, taking the first bite and going for seconds. The effect of a meal made with love is a strong force that one cannot deny.

My recipes are shared after many tries and errors that results in great delicacies. I enjoy every moment and I love sharing the stories behind every meal because I know it will put a smile on someone’s face.

I am not the most traditional cook nor am I an excellent writer but I enjoy digging into the culture of every meal. So journey with me on this food lane. You can do so by subscribing to my blog and connecting with me on social me.

Immaculate. xo

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