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I have watched my mum spend most of her time outside of her profession cooking delicious meals for my siblings and I, and I have always admired her passion. Everyday after work she would collect I and my brother from school and on our way home we would stop by the market, I watched how she communicated with the sellers, she always got the freshest fruits and vegetables at the best prices and she knew the best butchers to go to.

At home my mum would spend the next few hours cooking but not before she gives us lunch, which she had prepared earlier. I could say “I don’t know how she does it“, but I do; She does it with Love. Just like everything else she did, Love was the main force behind it; I could see it in her eyes and in the way she sang so joyfully as she stirred her pot of soup.

That same love drove me to prepare my first meal and on few occasions I almost burnt down the kitchen. I just wanted to cook like my mama.

My best days are the ones I spend cooking and baking. Growing up in Nigeria, my passion for cake lead me to bake for my friends, family, teachers and basically any and/or everyone. My effort and passion drew more people to me which led to somewhat of a high demand, so I started baking more cakes to distribute to my local shops. I remember the excitement and fulfillment in my heart when I sold my first batch of cupcakes;  I was thirteen and baking the cakes was all I wanted to do.

I also learnt how to bake from my mum; she would always tell the stories about how she and my aunties supported my grandparents by baking and selling cakes and other pastries. This helped them to pay their school fees and live a comfortable lifestyle. I have and will always admire my mum’s tenacity and passion.

living and study here in London, I spend most of my spare time practicing and mastering different recipes and after much trials I love to share the sweet victory.

I am not the most traditional cook or recipe writer but I hope to share authenticity and passion.

With Love.

Immaculate Ruému

Immaculate Ruému


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