Nigerian Cuisine

Let me tell you what love is… It is Suya spiced ribs roasted to perfection and served on a bed of fresh butter lettuce. You can’t go wrong with simple toppings like black olives, bell peppers and plum tomatoes accompanied […]

Suya Roasted Ribs Platter with Toasted Tortillas

Carrot Jollof Rice
You did read that right, I made Jollof rice using carrot as a main ingredient. Not as an accompaniment or even garnish, but first let me tell you about how I subconsciously survived 1 whole month without Jollof rice… To […]

Carrot Jollof Rice | Sweeter than spice.

Oven Baked Sea bass on a bed of coconut Jollof rice.
Looking back at a lazy Sunday Jollof rice drenched in coconut milk and baked in the oven with two whole sea bass marinated in coconut oil, it was nothing but delicious. Typical Jollof is cooked in a pot with utmost […]

Whole Sea bass & Coconut ‘Jollof’ Long/Wild Rice

Pork Strips and Cherry Tomato Pepper Soup
I have enjoyed the last few months of living in Nigeria where the weather is beautifully hot and where I fueled my love for Nigerian Food such as pepper soup. Leaving was difficult but moving to another European country (no […]

Hearty Pork Strips & Cherry tomato pepper soup 

Essential spices and herbs for Party Jollof Rice
My mama’s Wednesday afternoon Jollof rice was the way maker to her Saturday/Sunday Feel good Jollof a.k.a ‘Parry Jollof a.k.a ‘Owambe Jollof but most popularly know as Party Jollof. Growing up I have learnt so many ways of cooking Jollof […]

Party Jollof Essential spice, herbs and Extra seasonings

Ingredients for suya spice mix
For many years, Nigeria has shared its delicious cuisine with the world, Our party favorites such as Jollof rice, moi-moi and our authentic street foods such as suya. As large and diverse as Nigeria is with its different cultural background […]

Suya Spice Mix & All that goodness 

One Pot beans with prawns, plantains and potatoes
I love Africa and its delicious variety of cuisines that naturally puts you in a feasting mood. That’s exactly how I felt when I made this delicious bean pottage, with a variety fresh vegetables, legumes and prawns. There are times […]

Epic One Pot Feast. Prawns, Beans & Roots.

southern Nigerian Banga Rice
Meet Banga rice, the southern delicious cousin to Jollof rice, that is drenched and cooked in the rich Palm-fruit juice/extract as is common in the southern part of Nigeria. Palm-fruit is used in most staple meals in my native region […]

Palm-Fruit ‘Banga Rice, cousin to Jollof Rice.

Nigerian Fried Cookies (Chin-Chin)
Chin-Chin is an age-long snack made by Nigerians, It is staple treat served in most family celebrations. As much as I loved eating these delicious fried cookies as a kid, I mostly enjoyed making them with my siblings and cousins […]

Chin-Chin’ Nigerian Fried Cookies

Corn Puffs
In Nigeria we have a delicious snack and street food known as puff puff and in the USA they have corn dogs, they are both made of delicious fried batter. As I put on my creative hat today I decided […]

Delicious Corn Puffs

A typical Saturday brunch with my family is made of yam, plantain and a fiery chicken, beef or/and fish broth know as Ukodo; a pepper soup pottage. The fiery taste of this soup is not solely because of the amount […]

Chicken & Plantain Ukodo ‘Pepper soup Pottage’