Celebratory Foods of Southern Nigeria

I just got back from my hometown in the south of Nigeria, where I celebrated my brother’s marriage ceremony with traditional rights and customs. Most traditional occasions in Nigeria (if not all) involves cooking lavish foods. Especially if it is a happy occasion, as it was in this case.

As I have mentioned in some of my earlier post, food plays a huge role in the Nigerian culture and lifestyle. This among other reasons was why I was ecstatic to travel home (amidst being excited for my brother). So I grabbed the best camera I could get my hands on, polished my photography skills and jumped on the plane headed to “Naija” (a common term for Nigeria used by Nigerians).

These are some of the shots I captured of the food, some cooked and some being cooked; Look out for a short poem I wrote that follows:

Poem: Wood, Food & Fire:

3am. That was what my phone said the time was,
but it still felt like a dream…
I had heard the familiar voices
of the women that trooped
into my fathers compound.

They had mentioned waking up early,
but I could not have imagined
it would be this early.

When the sound of women chanting was not enough
to make me realize this was not a dream.
Neither did the smell of burning wood
from the open fire used in cooking…

The sudden sound of the generator coming on
woke both my spirit and my soul.

I finally got up from bed, after laying there
still but wide awake just soaking in the
lovely aroma of wood, food and fire.

Here is a couple of pictures captured from the celebration itself (traditional marriage ceremony):

I hope you enjoyed this read. What are your thoughts? Share them with me in the comment section below.

Immaculate. Xo

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