Dear Nigerians,.. An open letter from another Nigerian

Dear Nigerians,

Let’s not be blind to the things happening around us, we see it all, we hear about it from the media and sometimes more sadly from our loved ones.

So I was told of misshapenings of my national, of its blood tears and of it’s sourness; a part of me was fully aware of this but still I held on to hope. Hope that it can’t be all that bad, it just has to be better; but that hope fell right through my spines down to my feet and left my body. It was as if my shadow was cut off from me.

when you don’t have hope how can you wield the power that is built on faith!

Sadness conceived it’s seed in my heart, I felt it all. In my breath , under my feet, for once my spirit, soul and body were in agreement to the fact that everything is wrong. Something was wrong before I left, but this time the truth buried deep in my spirit will not let my mind and heart be closed to all this evil. A nation turned inside out and in the wrong direction, like a cobweb tangled up in itself.

The day came when I saw my shadow again, I had hope, but even more a deeper door to faith was awaken. It reminded me “greater is He that’s is in you than he that is in the world.”

We have all been given the power and authority from heaven to move not just mountains but nations, we can turn Nigeria back to its rightful place. This power that we have in us can undo all the deeds of the powers of evil. You see the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy; we see the death all around us and the destruction is almost inevitable, but the devil has come to steal is not just our cars, jobs or finances. The devil is stealing our hope, joy, unity and family.

Nigeria is not just a holiday destination!!!

You see when you don’t have hope how can you wield the power that is built on faith! For with faith in our hearts believing the word that God has spoken to us we can make the change starting from ourselves, our homes and our community.

I do not want to dwell on the wrongs of Nigeria, it’s corruption and lack of Justice, just to mention a few, but let’s dwell on our strengths, our charity, our honour and wisdom. I know us as Nigerians love to give, we don’t have to travel 6-8 hours to our village first for us to do that, start right where you are. In your home, your compound, street etc. Look at the community where you live, where do they lack and where can you help in all kinds of resources, prayers and encouragement.

And if your community lacks nothing, look at the next community, the next street, the next neighbourhood, just help out where you can. Please my Nigerian brothers and sisters both home and abroad, let’s not wait for our western acquaintances help us. We love them and we know they love us but let’s first love ourselves.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”
“. – John‬ ‭10:10‬.

For my Nigerians abroad, my dear ones, it’s so beautiful to see you all achieving goals and going places but please Nigeria is not just a holiday destination. At least not yet. Let’s work on making our nation great again. This is our root and I have to tell you that this root is being pulled apart. Instead of letting our heritage to ruin causing us to wither away, let’s fall back into the grounds, humbling ourselves. This is the time when we need to bury ourselves deep into our motherland, we are not dying, we are planting ourselves in due time for harvest.

I am just a girl that felt powerless not being able to help in anyway but God whispered into my heart “you have a voice, use it.” That is why I write this letter to you, not to pull you down but to encourage you.

If you can’t do anything, pray. If you can do something, still pray. I am praying for you and with you.

With love
Immaculate xx

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