Exploring London – Restaurants, Bakery & More

I’m a London girl who does not revel in clubbing/raving , I would rather go see a show, eat good food at a fine dining restaurant or dress up for an event. You can call me boring, but I just don’t see the point of staying up all night, spending loads of money and feeling like crap in the morning; I’m just not caught out for that life…

There are loads of other ways to have fun, like exploring the city you live in. You don’t always have to travel out to explore, I’ve noticed that most people are always planning trips to explore other places, why not take a day out to explore London!? Ah! You say “But what is there to explore?” Well, I am here to help you out…


Here are a few things you can do in London and one of my fun day out in the City with my friend:

  • Go on a cruise: This is a very good way to explore the city and learn more about your culture, it is also a good way to have a little reunion with your family without having to worry about cooking food or packing up snack because most cruise deals include afternoon tea/ lunch.
  • Go for afternoon tea with the girls: You can call up few of your close friends that you haven’t really been up to date with due to work schedule, school exams or just life; It’s a good way to catch up on lost times whist relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea or two with some sandwiches and treats.

On our day out in London, our first stop was at the BB Bakery in convent garden where we tried the red bush tea for the first time and I must say it’s now one of my favorite teas.

  • Go Climbing: If you want a bit of adventure without the risk, then indoor climbing is the perfect fun activity to get you excited. Click here for a list of places that offer indoor climbing and other good stuff.
  • Go Skydiving: Now if you really want to get your adrenaline pumping, Sky diving is for you! This is an amazing experience I’m looking forward to doing this year *can’t wait*. I’ve heard about the London parachute school and will be signing up for that sometime in the summer, click here for link.
  • Visit a Fine Dining restaurant: If you are a foodie like me, then you know there is nothing like eating good quality food made by a pro. Find fine dining restaurants that give the best value for your money and where the service is utterly charming like the Latium Restaurant where I had one of the best dining experience in mid October or the Pescatori in Mayfair which was our second stop after afternoon tea on out day out in London.
  • See a Show in Theater: There are loads of new shows opening in theaters in London, theatrical productions are one of the best things one can experience. Our last stop was at the Lyceum Theater  London to see the Lion King Production, It was so good and I walked out at the end of the show with a big smile on my face, it was one of the best feeling ever.

That’s it lovelies, I’m sure there are many more exciting things to do in London, this are just a few I thought to mention. Go on, explore.

Immaculate. xo



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