Novikov Restaurant & Bar – The Italian Kitchen

Novikov Restaurant & Bar features both an Italian and Asian Kitchen that are simply remarkable. It was the first restaurant I chose when given the opportunity to be an intern in some of the prestigious restaurants London has to offer. I interned at the Italian kitchen, the largest of the two with both featuring open house kitchens.

On their website you can view some amazing pictures of the interior, the food and events, but I thought I should share some of my own pictures as part of my ‘looking back’ theme which I mentioned in my earlier post.

The Italian kitchen consist of chefs from different parts of Italy and some from neighboring countries with a passion for the Italian cuisine. They work with so much zeal, always putting their going the extra mile to prepare, plate and serve great meals. The Hospitality and Management team were also just as pleasant in the kitchen as they were when serving the guest.

Aside from just the great meals, Novikov Restaurant & Bar as the name entails, also has a lounge bar. The night life there is very vibrant and has been known to attract world-renowned celebrities.

I enjoyed my time as an intern there, gaining first hand insights into the world of professional cooking and acquiring the knowledge I will be needing for my future endeavors.

Take a look at their menu, you will want to reserve a table for your next outing and don’t hesitate to let them know who sent you.

I hope this review was helpful. Have you visited Novikov or do you plan to dine there sometime? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Immaculate. Xo

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