Banga Soup
Banga is the Nigerian name for Palm-fruit which Palm oil is made from and it’s also the base for most Nigerian soups. The raw extract from the fruit is very rich and has an amazing taste when used in cooking especially […]

Banga ‘Palm-Fruit’ Soup

One really good food that I loved as a kid and is now a favourite of mine is Kwahka (Pronounced “Kworka”). A delicious corn pudding made from very ripe plantains, palm fruit extract and cornmeal. Originally cooked by wrapping the corn […]

Kwahka – Nigerian Corn Pudding

Spicy beef skewers are a favourite street food in Nigeria know as Suya. It’s a mixture of nut and spices usually made and sold by mallams (a term used to identifying some nothern men in Nigeria), this spice mixture is then rubbed […]

I can’t believe it’s not Suya

Jollof Rice
Nigeria’s favourite meal, Jollof rice is a staple meal in most West African countries. Made with a base of rich tomato sauce, its tantalizing aroma ignites your taste buds giving you the desire to eat even when you’re not truly […]

Jollof Rice

Fried Rice
Just like jollof rice, fried rice is a staple Nigerian meal. The base of a Nigerian style fried rice is to cook the rice in chicken or vegetable stock before frying, freshly made chicken stock is usually used when available […]

Nigerian Fried Rice

Chicken Wings
For those days when you just want a quick fix, these delicious spicy wings will do the magic. With the beautiful flavours of Cameroon peppers and fresh red palm oil, you do not need to marinade these chicken wings at […]

Spicy West-African Chicken Wings

Coconut Candy
As a kid one of my favorite things to snack on was coconut candy, its so delicious and keeps you wanting more. It reminds me of my primary school days, oh the excitement when the lunch time bell rang and […]

Coconut Candy (Authentic Nigerian Recipe!!)

The other day a woman introduced her kids to me as Grace, Goodness and Gracious; my reaction: “wow! Powerful names.” I actually have little reasons for my astonishment by such names because I know my home country Nigeria is a place […]

Nigerian Names – Grateful for the hope of our parents!

Nigerian Soup
A typical Nigerian soup is basically a stew (well most of them) made with varieties of ingredients, such as palm oil, green leafs and mostly assorted meat. Assorted meat is the unusual and uncommon part of the cow that is […]

Nigerian Soup (Ugwu with assorted meat)

On my previous post, I shared the recipe for my coconut rice and I mentioned I made some Thai curry sauce to go with it, Here’s the recipe for it. Ingredients: 1 whole butternut squash (peeled, deseeded and cut in […]

Thai Butternut Squash Curry

I was inspired to make some coconut rice when my auntie brought home fresh coconuts. Cooking is on a whole other level when using fresh ingredients and i’m usually tempted to buy the stuff in the tin, which I sometimes […]

Coconut Rice

Here’s the recipe for my sweet potato gnocchi: Ingredients: 600g Sweet Potatoes 400g British Red Potatoes 2 Eggs 2 cups Flour 2 tbsp grated Parmesan Pinch of Nutmeg (Optional) Water Salt to taste. For the Cabbage Stew: 2 Medium Tender-heart […]

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Cabbage Stew