Tuscan Wine School Florence

It was sheer luck finding the Tuscan Wine School whilst doing a random search for small food events in Florence. They had published an ad for a wine tasting class which seemed good for a hot Friday afternoon. On arrival and to my utmost surprise I was getting a private wine tasting lesson with the most lovely woman I had met in Florence.

She started by giving a little background history of the wine origins in Italy. How they get their names and level of authenticity and originality in each bottle. Then, She went ahead to bring me a bottle of white wine for me to taste, but not before showing how to do so properly.


Here are a few notes she shared with me on ‘How to taste’ wine:

By sight: Look for Clarity, Color – for red wines, the older the wine, the darker its colour; – for white wines, it could be completely colourless  or might have a hint of green like the grapes used in making it and this is based on the process. and Consistency

By Smell: Take a sniff and look out for defects (is it clean). How strong is the flavour and what aromas can you smell. There are three major Classification of aromas: Primary aromas also known as varietal aromas (grape varietals). Secondary aromas also known as vinous aromas developed during pre-fermentation and fermentation process. and Tertiary aromas also known as bouquet, are developed during the post fermentation process in wine barrels (oak barrels) or bottles.

and finally By taste: Take a mouthful & swirl around the palate, while inhaling air. Pay attention to its sensations, balance of acidity and alcohol and note what you like about it.

I tasted both the white and red wine and I love both although I favour the red wine the most. There are different foods that taste great when paired with a good class of wine. There used to me a set rule for pairing wine but in the recent years, there are no rules. My favourite being cheese and crackers.

Immaculate. xo

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